“Operation: Transition”

Operation Transition is a group + individual coaching program for recently hired (<1 yr) veterans, student veterans, military spouses, National Guard and Reservists and veterans with disabilities, all of whom have unique challenges as they transitioning to, for many, their first “real” civilian job.

The coaching program is intended to keep those new hires engaged and focused on adapting and acclimating in that critical first 12-18 months in a civilian job.  There is also a strong emphasis on repurposing their military-developed leadership skills to benefit the civilian organization.

The coaching sessions address the challenges of transition from military to corporate, while providing actionable steps to determine how to navigate the corporate environment, find new support systems and build new networks while leveraging what the military taught them about acclimating, adapting and improvising when in new environments.

All of our coaches are professionally certified (ICF, predominantly) and are veterans themselves or military-affiliated.

This program is customized for your organization and is executed in 3 phases (Discovery, Strategy and Coaching).  Minimum number of employees required to conduct a pilot is 5.

Benefits to the Organization:
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate veteran turnover (calculate the cost of your turnover for critical roles x the number of employees participating to arrive at starting value of this program)
  • Position veteran employees for future leadership positions within Company
  • Provide a competitive advantage when marketing to attract veterans to apply for roles with your company
  • Position your company higher in the rankings of “military friendly” employers

Is improving retention of veterans high on your list of priorities?

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