Training should be a critical component to your overall veteran talent strategy.

The best talent strategy won’t deliver results if the sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers can’t read a military resume or evaluate military experience.

Interviews with veterans can go sideways quickly if hiring managers aren’t aware there are questions that are off-limits to ask someone who has served.

Supervisors and peers can inadvertently create a hostile work environment for a new veteran hire if they aren’t aware there are certain actions or activities or discussions that may land the company as a whole into hot water with the Department of Labor.

The Value Of a Veteran offers a full suite of training on topics covering:

  • Tax credits
  • OFCCP Compliance
  • DOL Apprenticeships and OJT Programs
  • Military Culture
  • Myths & Misperceptions about Veterans
  • Disability, including PTSD, in the workplace
  • Military training, occupations and transferable skills
  • Military grade/rank structure & pay/total compensation
  • Effective marketing and outreach tactics to connect with transitioning military, veterans and military spouses
  • Military talent sourcing options, including: placement firms, job boards and job fairs (physical and virtual), government programs (DOL, VA, Service-specific), college programs and social media
  • Retention programs
  • And, more!

Training delivery options include live (in person or via webinar) and recorded (license and build your own custom curriculum from over 20 short modules).

And, keep in mind – training is perishable.  You cannot deliver “one-and-done” training and expect it to stick.  Which is why we recommended making training available either on-demand or regularly scheduling live events throughout the year.

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