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Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your veteran talent program and military / veteran recruiting goals for the next 12-18 months, and learn which of our services will be a good fit for your strategy.

Is your company struggling to keep productivity high and fill mission-critical roles because of low quality candidates, significant skills gaps or high turnover?
Veteran talent is the strategic solution to overcoming these issues and building a resilient, high integrity, flexible, adaptive, mission-focused workforce for operations, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, transportation roles and more.
But there is so much more to developing a quality veteran talent program than might first appear. Since its founding in 2007 The Value Of a Veteran has exceled at advising its clients how to avoid reliance on expensive, ineffective military / veteran recruiting vendors and create a long term, sustainable approach via:


Using a cadre of specialized consultants with long histories of building and maintaining successful veteran programs, The Value Of a Veteran is uniquely qualified and prepared to collaborate with your team to help you create a comprehensive, holistic and customized veteran program that delivers results in the first 12 months. Find out why more than 450 companies in the Fortune 1000 have leveraged our experience in developing their veteran talent programs.


The best designed veteran talent program won’t yield results if the sourcers, recruiters and hiring managers can’t read military resumes or evaluate veteran experience.

Similarly, you’ll have a hard time retaining veteran talent if your supervisors and managers are not aware of or know how to support common veteran transition challenges. We offer a full suite of training in live webinar or on-demand formats.

New Veteran Hire Coaching

Our Operation Transition coaching program is intended to keep your new veteran hires engaged and focused on adapting and acclimating in that critical first 12-18 months in a civilian job.  There is also a focus on repurposing their military-developed leadership skills to benefit the civilian organization. It is ideal for hires with < 1 year in the role

Our coaches are all ICF certified and are veterans or miliary-affiliated.

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Veteran Recruiting Conference

The annual 3-day Veteran Recruiting Conference (Feb 27-29, 2024) is THE premier professional development event for veteran talent managers.  It is designed specifically for mid- to large-size (1,000+ US employees) companies that are seeking information, advice and resources to help them improve recruitment and retention of military veterans.

All speakers are veteran talent managers with award-winning veteran talent programs offering deep-dive details into their programs.

Veteran Talent Consortium

The VOAV Veteran Talent Consortium (VTC) is an online membership-based Community of Practice (CoP) for veteran talent practitioners.

The Consortium brings together corporate veteran talent practitioners for regular discussions, teachings and opportunities to learn from each other and from outside experts for the purpose of exponentially strengthening their practice and expertise and rapidly increasing the speed with which their veteran programs improve and become more encompassing and holistic and drive measurable return on investment (ROI).

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Our CEO, Lisa Rosser, is available to present to companies, associations, conferences and more live or via webinar on a variety of topics related to veteran employment.  Topics can be customized to your needs and audience and can be combined with panel facilitation, training, and/or hand-on workshops.

Lisa has been a featured veteran recruitment and retention conference speaker at SHRM, ERE, HERC and CUPA-HR and has been interviewed on the same topics by MSNBC, Fox Business News and Real Clear Politics.

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