The Value of a Veteran in the News

[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Armed and Ready to Recruit: The Value Of a Veteran Story” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]January 28, 2016 – StreetShares Blog[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Recent Vets Unemployment Falls Below National Average” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]Nov 11, 2015 – SHRM[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Why Hiring a Veteran is Good Business” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]January 27, 2015 – HealthLeaders Media[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Ohio Rolls Out Veteran Friendly Employer Registry” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]January 3, 2015 – HealthLeaders Media[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”The Value of a Veteran: Regard, Recruit, Retain” link_url=”″ link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]October 2014 – Free webinar in partnership with DeVry University Keller School of Management[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Q&A: Rethinking Veterans’ Employment for OFCCP Compliance” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]February 19, 2014 – Bloomberg BNA[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Military Vets Bring Talent, Leadership to the Workforce” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]February 5, 2014 –[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Home Franchise Concepts Enlists Lisa Rosser to Help Match Military Veterans with Business Opportunities“” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]December 4, 2013[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”The best way to thank a veteran? Hire one” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]November 8, 2013 – American Express OPEN Forum[/vc_iconbox]
[vc_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”newspaper-o” title=”Four methods to retain military veterans at your company” link_url=”” link_text=”Read Article” target=”_blank”]October 29, 2013 – The American Genius / AG Beat[/vc_iconbox]

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