Using a cadre of specialized consultants with long histories of building and maintaining successful veteran programs, The Value Of a Veteran is prepared to collaborate with your team to help you create a comprehensive, holistic and customized veteran program that delivers results in the first 12 months.

Program Areas We Cover:

  • Defining business case for program creation and business goals for your program
  • Create veteran recruitment and retention program structure and phased implementation
  • Review of job categories to identify ideal veteran opportunities and pin point areas for “quick wins” to gain program momentum
  • Assessment of hiring processes to identify potential obstacles that will affect veteran hiring
  • Review of job announcements, marketing collateral and career website and recommend adjustments/enhancements that will achieve veteran application goals
  • Development of a sourcing strategy specific to your goals (which may include sub-strategies for student veterans, veterans with disabilities, military spouses and more)
  • Development of a marketing and outreach strategy specific to your goals
  • Review of onboarding process and employee engagement programs to identify opportunities to support unique needs of veterans (especially the recently separated) and recommend adjustments/enhancements that will achieve veteran retention goals
  • Recommendation of strategic external partnerships that can enhance your reputation in the military community

We highly recommend combining our consulting with our training services to prepare your recruiters and hiring managers to be successful in reviewing and assessing military talent and your supervisors/managers/employee engagement team to create a welcoming and supportive environment for new veteran hires.

Going it alone vs. Utilizing expert consultants

You could spend months researching and trying lots of different things to test what might work for improving recruitment and retention of veterans at your company…

You could invest tens of thousands of dollars to use a vendor that promises you that their MOS translator, or their career fairs, or their military job board will do all the work for you to bring in more military applicants…

You could spend a lot of time and effort developing your own training for your recruiters and managers, and never know for sure if you have covered the information that will make a difference in how they perceive and understand military service…


You could bring in experts with 12+ years of experience developing veteran recruiting programs that get results and have those experts work with you to develop a program that fits your specific needs and goals…


You could leverage the proven training already developed by these experts and start empowering your recruiters and hiring managers immediately to improve how they evaluate military talent.

Let's see if this program is right for your company