Just-in-time, on-demand information available when and where you need it –

  • Modules accessible through any device (computer, phone or tablet) that is Flash-enabled and has Internet access
  • Over 20 WBT modules on veteran recruiting and retaining topics available
  • Each module less than 20 minutes long (many under 13 minutes!)
  • Options for individual license access or enterprise access – not sure which option is right for you?  Call 877-681-9960 ext 1 to discuss.
  • Click on this WBT modules link to download list of available veteran recruiting and retention topics


  • An individual may purchase a single license to view the full suite of web-based training modules.
  • An individual may view any or all modules up to two times during a 180-day access period
  • Access to content is provided within 24 hours of purchase
  • Great option for solo practitioners, new veteran recruiting program managers and/or small businesses


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  • Enterprise licensing packages start at just 25 seats and 10 modules and can go up to thousands of seats and access to full suite of modules
  • Enterprise licensing is for 12 months and participants may view any of the modules in the purchased curriculum as many times as needed during 365-day period
  • Option to designate required and optional training
  • Quarterly usage reports – see how many and which employees are viewing content
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