The Veteran Recruiting Mastermind is a private 12-month coaching program for companies that want to leverage all the expertise The Value Of a Veteran has to offer.

This 12-month coaching program includes:

  • Private one-on-one veteran recruitment / retention program development coaching, which includes initial planning session + 3 quarterly in-progress program review sessions
  • Monthly group Q&A sessions and bonus online content posted into private content area
  • Access to 12 monthly live training webinars which can be used to educate your recruiters and hiring managers

Going it alone vs. Utilizing an expert coach

You could spend months researching and trying lots of different things to test what might work for improving recruitment and retention of veterans at your company…

You could invest tens of thousands of dollars to use a vendor that promises you that their MOS translator, or their career fairs, or their military job board will do all the work for you to bring in more military applicants…

You could spend a lot of time and effort developing your own training for your recruiters and managers, and never know for sure if you have covered the information that will make a difference in how they perceive and understand military service…


You could bring in an expert with 12 years of experience developing veteran recruiting programs that get results and have that expert work with you to develop a program that fits your specific needs and goals…


You could leverage the proven training already developed by this expert by sending your recruiters and hiring managers to attend monthly scheduled training sessions…


You could receive a complimentary pass to attend an annual professional development conference (the Veteran Recruiting Conference) designed just for veteran recruiting program managers just like you

Let's see if this program is right for your company

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