Top 5 Ways The Value of a Veteran Can Help Your HR Department

Your company wants the best people on its team. Recruiting anyone can be a time-consuming process, and if you’re not experienced at recruiting military veterans for your company, you may face additional challenges. That’s where we step in. The Value of a Veteran offers a range of services to support your HR department in your veteran recruiting and retention efforts.

1. We help you solve specific talent challenges

What challenges are you facing that recruiting new employees would help solve? Perhaps you’re facing a lack of emerging leaders or need to back-fill an aging workforce. Maybe you need to meet a change in the requirements for needed skills, or are preparing for company growth. Perhaps you need help in addressing high turnover rates or finding skilled trades.

Whatever your challenges, a quality recruiting program will help you solve them, and a quality veteran recruiting program will help you solve them with highly qualified veteran candidates. The Value of a Veteran will help you create a veteran recruiting strategy and develop your veteran recruiting program to help you find, hire and retain the veteran employees your company needs.

2. We help your team understand the benefits of hiring military veterans

Military veterans bring a wide range of skills and experience to the civilian workforce. They’re also hard workers, problem solvers, and know the importance of teamwork.

When developing your own training program for hiring managers, you may find yourself spending lots of time researching and planning, but never really able to know for sure if you’ve covered the information that will truly make an impact on how your team perceives and understands military service.

At VOAV, we have over a decade of experience developing recruiting and training programs. With our guidance, you could start training your team within a few days or weeks using content that’s been proven effective by hundreds of companies with documented improvement in recruiting and retaining veterans. We help your team understand military service and the value in hiring military veterans, and how to use that knowledge to successfully recruit and retain veterans.

3. We help you develop a veteran recruiting strategy

If you don’t have much experience with military members, you may find it tricky to design a military recruiting program that addresses your company’s needs. While some people spend time and money experimenting with unfamiliar solutions or “posting and praying,” these just aren’t the best approaches when it comes to recruiting veterans. You need a recruiting program that addresses culture, change management, attraction, recruitment, hiring and retention.

Work with an organization that has real experience and real success in helping companies develop military veteran recruiting programs. Since 2007, we have helped more than 400 of the Fortune 1000 companies as well as many smaller organizations design and execute veteran recruitment and retention programs that get results. With a variety of training and consulting services available, we can help your company, too. 

We’ll teach your team how to recruit and retain military veterans, guard and reserve, and military spouses. We start by discussing your veteran recruiting goals, then help you build a recruiting and retention strategy that’s right for your business.

4. We train your recruiters and managers on how to recruit and retain military veterans

Once we’ve created a recruiting strategy that will work for your company, we help you implement it by training your recruiters and managers. We offer training in a variety of formats, including live webinars, on-site events, and web-based training.

Free webinars

We offer free webinars once or twice a month on various topics. These are great ways to refresh your knowledge on recruiting military veterans.


During webinars, we provide live training via an online seminar. This is a great option when you have numerous people to train and need the training done on your schedule. VOAV offers a wide range of training topics and can even customize the training to fit your hiring needs.

Web-based training

Web-based training includes pre-recorded modules that your team can work through whenever and wherever is convenient for them. We offer more than 20 modules, each of which are less than 20 minutes long and can be accessed through computers, phones and tablets.

Veteran Recruiting Bootcamp

Veteran Recruiting Bootcamp is a free, five-day online training event that takes place several times a year. These one-hour sessions are especially beneficial for companies that are new to veteran recruiting and want to learn high-level strategies and get answers to questions.

Veteran Recruiting Mastermind

The Veteran Recruiting Mastermind is a private 12-month coaching program. It includes one-on-one coaching, monthly group Q&A sessions, access to live training webinars, and more.

5. We help you support veteran new hires

Recruiting is important, but so is retention. A positive employee experience is crucial for retaining your military veteran new hires. Your new employees may face challenges while transitioning from military service to the corporate workforce. That’s why The Value of a Veteran offers veteran new hire coaching. Operation Transition is a 12-month group coaching program for veterans who were hired within the last year, are in their first or second civilian employment, and are within 3 years post transition. The program is designed to help new hires stay engaged and get acclimated to their civilian job.We teach veterans how to repurpose the skills they developed in the military to benefit your organization, as well as discuss actionable steps to help veterans navigate the corporate environment, find new support systems, and more.

Your company benefits by significantly reducing or eliminating veteran turnover, which can typically cost $4,000 to $7,000 per employee. You’ll also position veteran employees for future leadership positions within your company, have a competitive advantage when recruiting veterans, and position your organization higher in the rankings of “military friendly” employers.

Find out what The Value of a Veteran can do for you

The Value of a Veteran can help your organization successfully recruit and retain military veterans. We’ll help you get focused fast so you can start producing real results as soon as possible. Click here to learn more about us and book a call to discuss your recruiting goals.